Saturday Story n°20 : Good Guy Riot employee


I wanted to give a shout out to a specific riot employee (I wish I had asked his name) and share my story. My girlfriend and I have been playing league since season 1 and are huge riot fans.

While on vacation, yesterday we went to Disneyland and while waiting in line to get into the park we noticed many people in the large group ahead of us wearing riot shirts so we start getting all giddy and excited like little school girls. So me being the curious person I am, I ask one of them what riot was doing at Disneyland, which they tell me just enjoying the day.

I told them cool and thanked them for their hard work and for making such an awesome game and then I go about my business. A couple minutes later one of them comes up to my girlfriend and me and ask us if we have riot blitz and arcade Hecarim in which.

We reply no(we hadn’t been fortunate enough to get these skins when they came out) in which he proceeds to hand us each a card with claim codes for both skins. So in hopes that he is a redditor and will see this, I just wanted to say thank you for making our day before we even made it into the happiest place on earth.

Tl; dr bumped into riot, super awesome rioter gave my girlfriend and I each claim codes for riot blitz and arcade Hecarim

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